Annual Fire Safety Support Contract - AMC

  • Fire Detection and Alarm System:

    Hybrid (mix of above two).
    Water mist systems
    Gas and Flame Detection Systems.

    Fire Fighting Systems:

    Hydrant System.
    Sprinkler System.
    Portable Fire Extinguishers.

    Fire Suppression Systems:

    Gas Based Fire Suppression System.
    Water Based Fire Suppression System.
    Hybrid (mix of above two).
    Professional Kitchen fire suppression systems.
  • Comprehensive MNC:

    We carry out Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS) by sending a team of trained engineers and technicians once in 3 months. An active safety measure, which means that this services are pre-planned by taking client in to coordination on schedule for their convenience. Under comprehensive AMC covers all spares part/ labour except for consumables that shall be charged at prevailing prices.

    AMC with Manning:

    Experienced Fire Protections system operators would work in shifts, check and maintain the system with any number of breakdown calls. Operation of entire fire system shall be in client's scope.

    AMC without Manning:

    Our Service team would visit your facility at regular intervals during AMC period for routine preventive maintenance of the Fire system.
  • Non Comprehensive AMC:

    We Provide service during this AMC period but repair/replace of fire system defective components shall be at extra cost.

    Water Based Fire Suppression System:

    "Water is the less expensive and the most available extinguishing media. NIST has developed several water based suppression systems and the Safe group is capable to serve the customer with the engineering, supply, installation, service of:"
    The services include the periodic PMS (preventive Maintenance Services) which ensures the safe functioning of all the systems installed. However the spares part/consumables/replacing parts shall be charged at prevailing prices.